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shkodra summer cup 2024

Registrations are open

Shkodra Sport Event në bashkëpunim me Shoqatën Rajonale të Futbollit Shkodër organizon edicionin e shtatë të turneut “Shkodra Summer Cup 2024”. Mirëpresim në Shkodër ekipe nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Mal i Zi, Maqedonia dhe Lugina e Preshevës.

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qershor 2024 – shkodra summer cup, edicioni i shtate

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The latest developments from Shkodra Sport Event

An initiative with a sporting character

Shkodra Sport Event is an initiative with a sports character, created in June 2018, by Mr. Jetmir Podgorica. We organize various sports events in football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, chess, billiards, tennis, table tennis, etc. Our events are organized in Shkodër, a 2500 year old city, which is on the border with Montenegro. The management staff is well trained, where each one of them is certified in the relevant field in which they belong.


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Sponsors and Partners

A wide range of sponsors and partners come to support Shkodra Sport Event in every organized event.